Chief and Council

  • Okimaw Henry Lewis


    Throughout most of my life, I got involved in different capacities within the nation, most prominently, in the political sector where I served 12 years in total; 6 years in council in the 80’s and 6 years as chief in the early 2000’s. By profession I am originally an elementary school teacher with two degrees in my possession, a B.ED and a M.ED.

    On the cultural realm, I am a pipe carrier and a Sundance Lodge keeper which I inherited from my late dad Pierre Lewis. I am currently mentoring these lodges within the nation including the neighbouring First Nations of Alberta.

    My desire for the preservation and restoration of Inherent Rights and Treaty Rights led me to accept the position of OLCN Director of Treaty Governance which I occupied from 2012 to 2017. Through past mandate from surrounding Treaty 6 bands, this office was designated as the central office where information flows in and out to the other nations. My mandate included spearheading the Law Development Process as act of the nations’ sovereignty.

    Most recently I held a seat on the health board and involved with health working group in the negotiation of a new fiscal treaty funding arrangement with Health Canada and INAC. Job wise, prior to being elected into leadership, I was employed within one of our local schools as a cultural advisor and worked as a liaison within the nation in other areas as needed.

  • Raymond Chocan


  • Walter Pahtayken


  • Fraser R Heathen


  • Darryl W.J. Whitstone


    I have gained a lot of experience in several trades such as welding and Heavy Oil Operations and Technology in my early work efforts. I now possess a Bachelors of Education with distinction and have been working in the education sector for the last 20 years. I enjoy the great outdoors such as camping and spend much of my time off hunting, fishing, and Quading.

    Possess a Bachelors of Education Degree with Distinction BE.D

    20 + years’ experience in Education

    Welding and Heavy Oil Operations and Technology knowledge

  • Leon Whitstone


  • Delores Chief


    Delores Chief is a cancer survivor, a married mother of three, a kokom to four blessings and the daughter of Christina Pahtayken. Chief has lived in Onion Lake all her life. She is an avid sportswoman with volleyball being her passion. Chief has been a coach and a volunteer for many years, and encourages our youth and scholars as they venture forth in reaching their potential.

    Prior to being elected for her first term in office Chief assisted her administration for over 25 years. She has also been an Electoral and Deputy Officer for Onion Lake Elections and in surrounding areas.

    In 2000 – while attending the U of S – she worked part time at the FSIN Justice Department as an administrative assistant – inputting the new database information for the Special Investigations Unit. As part of her duties there she was a translator and interpreter – documenting RCMP complaints for investigation.

    She came into office with a focus on establishing a better line of communication between leadership and the community. Through social media for one she provides updates to over 800 OLCN members on her “Councilor Delores Chief” Facebook Page. She also asks that her group share information with their families and friends.

  • Trevor Heathen


    Born and raised in Onion Lake, the 44-year-old Trevor Heathen is a self-made entrepreneur. Heathen started his trucking business in 2008. He has since expanded his business to accommodate a second unit in 2014 – remaining profitable despite the downturn in oil.

    In May 2017, a by-election was necessary.  Through that by-election, Heathen was elected to his first term on Onion Lake Council, defeating a group of 11 other candidates for the vacant seat.

    Apart from business, Heathen completed Grade 12 at Eagleview Comprehensive High School in Onion Lake and the first year of his Automotive Service Technician course at SIIT in Yorkton, SK.  He also enjoys horseback riding and working with his horses.

    Heathen’s grandfather was the late Daniel Heathen, who also served on Council and was a respected elder.  He passed on a lot of his knowledge down to Trevor.

  • Hubert Pahtayken


    Hubert Pahtayken.

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