Family Services

For more than 20 years Onion Lake Family Services has protected the welfare of children and youth in the community. The department – in collaboration with other community members and elders – aims at ensuring families on-reserve continue to be safe while reaching their full potential in an environment that nurtures their spiritual, emotional, physical and intellectual well-being.

Onion Lake Family Services Inc. is responsible for the continued development and operation of the child and family services program – including the day-to-day administration and program delivery structure – and to ensure full implementation. The department currently shares a building with the Onion Lake Health Centre on the Onion Lake Cree Nation and employs 27 people. In particular, the department is responsible for providing the following services:

  • Family support services for parents and extended families
  • Homemaker services
  • Parent aid services
  • Preventative services and program, and educational service
  • Early childhood intervention services
  • Repatriation
  • Family violence programs and support services
  • Wellness program and healing circles

A comprehensive program of preventative family support services has been developed by OLFS. These are based on the guidance and involvement of elders, the support of family and community members and on traditional spiritual and cultural values. Programming for preventative services includes – but is not limited to – the following:

  • Family counselling
  • Community education and awareness
  • Parent mentors
  • Alcohol and drug education, counselling and referrals
  • Elder-youth interaction
  • Traditional parenting classes
  • Women’s support groups
  • Educational programs on sexuality and family planning
  • Youth programs to raise self-esteem
  • Anger management programs
  • Community healing
  • Suicide prevention
  • Sexual abuse prevention program
  • Triple P parenting programs


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