The Onion Lake Housing Authority believes housing should be managed as a community asset that is maintained and developed. As such Onion Lake Housing developed a formal housing policy. This policy demonstrates commitment to ensuring members enjoy good quality, sustainable homes that meet the needs of membership.

It is the position of Onion Lake Chief and Council – along with the Housing Authority – that each band member has the privilege to accommodation suitable to their needs. In order to meet this commitment the Onion Lake Housing Authority has entered into a number of agreements with the Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation (CMHC) and Indian and Northern Affairs of Canada (INAC) to provide low-rent accommodation to its Cree Nation people.

There are some rules and responsibilities for members that receive housing. The following are some of the tenant’s responsibilities, as outlined by the Onion Lake Housing Authority:

  • Tenants shall pay their rent regularly and on time. Social assistance recipients must make arrangements with the Onion Lake Social Development office to ensure that rent payments are made on their behalf.
  • Keep the house in good condition and perform minor maintenance on the house to prevent damage from occurring.
  • Make arrangements for hooking up utilities. Tenants are responsible for paying heat and electrical charges for previous and current units. Social assistance recipients should make prior arrangements with their caseworker so that these utilities are paid on a monthly basis.
  • Do not use the premises or allow the premises to be used for any other purpose than a residential dwelling for the tenant, immediate family and/or tenant invitees.
  • Indemnify and save harmless Housing Authority, and Chief and Council members from all liabilities, fines, suits and claims of any kind, or which the Housing Authority may be liable or suffer by reason of the tenant’s occupancy on the premises.
  • Not to do or omit to do anything which may render void or voidable any policy of insurance held by the Housing Authority on the premises.
  • The tenant at all times shall maintain a peaceful and harmonious existence at the premises.
  • Immediately notify the Housing Authority when they are going to vacate a house.
  • Not sell, transfer or otherwise dispose of any appliances or other equipment without direct approval by the Housing Authority (if items were provided by the Housing Authority).
  • Tenants are responsible to maintain insurance on personal effects in the house. Housing Authority will not be responsible for the loss of personal effects.
  • Must pay user fees pertaining to garbage, water and sewage systems.
  • Must sign a lease agreement prior to occupancy and make every effort to sign a renewal on or before the 31st of March each year.
  • Maintain the premises in a clean and sanitary condition. The tenant shall be responsible for all wilful damage done to the premises – including abandoned vehicles.
  • Tenants must obtain prior approval from the Housing Authority for any proposed improvements, renovations or outbuildings on the premises.

All tenants are responsible for the general upkeep of their units, as this process will lengthen the life and the health of the unit. There are a number of basic duties tenants can perform that can help keep maintenance costs down, and lengthen the life of their unit:

  • Plumbing: please fix any minor drips as they will cause greater problems such as mold, rotting and health problems. Also do not dispose of any grease, rags, toys in the sinks and toilets as it causes sewer backups/flooding and will now be at the tenants cost if these become a factor.
  • Water pump: when running out of water please shut off the water pump (switch is located by the pump) as the water pump will burn out if kept running. Total cost for a new water pump is $550.
  • Exterior doors: Any tenant or occupant damages to exterior doors will now be at the tenants cost. Exterior door cost is $600.
  • Interior doors: Any tenant or occupant damages to interior doors will now be at the tenants cost. Interior door cost is $90.
  • Heat Recovery Ventilation: please clean the filters (two filters that sit above the inside core) every six months. The filters can be hand washed with soap and water. Please wipe down the inside core (diamond shaped) with a cloth and make sure the drain pipe is situated by a floor drain.
  • Furnaces: please change filters every three months and keep clothes and any obstacles away from the furnace as it is a fire hazard. Also clean the vents as the air needs to be circulating for good air flow.
  • If you have a flooding reoccurrence please do not keep anything of value on the floor until the problem is resolved.


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