Onion Lake Energy

Onion Lake Energy Limited Partnership is the administration side of the oil and gas sector for the Cree Nation. Oil companies must go through OLE to explore lands in Onion Lake, and currently OLE has a partnership with BlackPearl Resources. That partnership has provided tremendous opportunities for Onion Lake and its members, as the thermal project continues to grow – with over 6000 BOPD being produced thanks in part to the new SAGD project.

Both parties are also committed to ensuring that partnership is sustainable – both for future generations and for the environment. All environmental factors (including air, water, wildlife and vegetation) are closely monitored, and when the project is over all the surface equipment will be removed and the land will be reclaimed. BlackPearl has also pledged to protect ground and surface waters from contamination, use no more land than needed and to work with the community to protect historic sites. Oil is a commodity, however, and the prices can fluctuate dramatically. Oil prices play a big part in how much OLE can do, but the long-term goal for OLE and the Cree Nation is to explore its own on-reserve lands.

Onion Lake Energy has a head office in Onion Lake, and also a sub office in Lloydminster. Band members are always welcome to stop in for coffee and to ask questions and find out more information on the various oil projects in the Cree Nation.


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