Social Development

Help is at hand for members of the Onion Lake Cree Nation facing tough times and hardships, as workers at the Social Development offices are looking to support their clients in the best way possible.

Members looking for social assistance are encouraged to make an appointment with the receptionist to see an intake worker. Applicants also require supporting documentation which includes:

  • Photocopy of two pieces of identification (these are essential, and must include birthdate)
  • Lease agreement with all dependants listed in the unit
  • Bank statement, child tax assessment, GST assessment
  • Referral if applicant was receiving assistance some where else
  • Record of Employment if applicant was working

Staff members at Social Development believe everyone is entitled to social assistance based on their needs and circumstances. Staff members do not encourage clients to remain on social assistance but do support them. It is also the responsibility of the client to prove their eligibility for receiving social assistance. Social Development has a number of programs available for those looking for assistance:

  • Basic Needs assistance
  • Special Needs assistance
  • User Fees: Onion Lake Maintenance provides various services, and Social Development will cover the cost of those fees for services
  • Level of Care/Trustee: there are two different programs for Level of Care, and each requires a caregiver and also a medical report filled out by a practicing physician
  • Assistance for Babysitting: some clients may be entitled to babysitting if they are attending high school, Atoskasotan Program or adult upgrading in Onion Lake.

Social Development also has a Cost-Share Program for members that have social assistance clients residing in their home. Recipients must provide pay stubs for the month, and they must also provide documents stating how many people live in their unit and how many are social assistance clients. Recipients can than receive assistance for:

  • Onion Lake Gas bills
  • Sask. Power bills
  • Onion Lake Housing rent
  • Onion Lake Maintenance user fees

All receipts must be submitted prior to payment, and all cost-share payments are distributed between the 1st and 10th of each month. There will be no cost-share after the 10th.

Social Development staff members will also only see clients on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday through appointments only. Thursdays are paper days and Fridays are for home visits.

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