Onion Lake Minor Hockey

New Forms Available:

Please download and read/fill out the following files if you child is going to play for the Border Chiefs:

NEAHL Bylaws Incident Report Volunteer Schedule Team Registration

Manager Checklist Release Form Player Registration Game Change Notice

Cheque Form Game Change Form Fair Play: Players Fair Play: Coaches

Coach/Manager Registration Form Hockey Canada Injury Report


Onion Lake Minor Hockey Association

The goal of the Onion Lake Minor Hockey Association is to provide an opportunity for every child in the area to play the game of hockey regardless of social standing, race, color or creed; to control, improve and foster minor hockey in this league; to promote and encourage good will and sportsman-like conduct amongst players, coaches and teams playing in the NEAHL. This league shall operate within the framework of the Canadian Hockey Association and the Alberta Hockey Association. The OLMHA will promote and enhance community values in all hockey related activities. We will support and guide our mission, vision and core values in each hockey related activity – helping each other at every level possible.

Mission Statement
The purpose of the OLMHA  – in partnership with its members – is to promote the game of hockey through skill development, quality of leadership, understanding of team work and good sportsmanship – all within a safe atmosphere of fun, positive support and encouragement of all children.


  • To continue to promote the love for the game of hockey
  • To teach respect of the team mates, opponents, coaches, referees, team officials, league officials ad hockey rules
  • Instill respect for volunteers and parents
  • Promote a culture that the organization and the community will be proud of
  • To foster personal excellence in each child, regardless of their skill level or gender

Core Values
The OLHMA and all its participants will agree to adhere to and promote the following core values:

  • Safety
  • Fun for all
  • Physical, mental and social development
  • Development of hockey skills and hockey knowledge
  • Truth
  • Honestly and integrity
  • Fairness
  • Good will
  • A respect for rules and laws and to promote healthy lifestyle

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