Treaty Governance

Staff members at Onion Lake Treaty Governance are working hard to ensure the teachings from our past will go a long way in forming the base for the future laws of the First Nation.

The work being done at the Treaty Governance offices is based on the knowledge of Elders, and – with consistent team building and working-development structure – should help in the development of laws for Onion Lake First Nation. Treaty Governance also assists other departments in the creation of law development in their programs.

Laws that have been passed by membership are as follows:

  • Citizenship law
  • Convention law
  • Privacy law
  • Iskonkan law
  • Education law
  • Health law
  • Election law
  • Hunting/Trapping regulations

One of the most recent laws that was passed by membership is Election law. It was passed on January 4, 2017 and will be used in the upcoming 2018 election. It is still currently awaiting ministerial order from the federal government, but once it receives that approval then Treaty Governance will be creating awareness on this law in time for the election.

Other undertakings include working with the Justice Department in creating a justice legislation process and laws, and also developing hunting and trapping regulations. Membership input is always greatly appreciated on all the departments activities, and additional updates and info sessions will be upcoming.

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