Staff Contacts

Philip Chief
(306) 344-4200

Laurie Ann Jimmy, Associate Director
(306) 344-4200

Gary Waskewitch, Associate Director
(306) 344-4200

Reinetta Morningchild, Intergovernmental Assistant to Chief
(306) 344-4200 ext.2542

Cindy Carter, Band Membership Clerk
(306)344-4200 ext. 2521

Ruth Chief, Emergency Assistance
(306)344-4200 ext. 2538

Andrew Tootoosis, Network Technician
(306)344-4200 ext.

Terry Horse, Network Technician
(306)344-4200 ext.

Davis Whitstone, Communications Coordinator

All staff members can be reached at: (306) 344-4200

Ellie Carter, Director of Finance

Helena Skeenum, Finance Comptroller

Amanda Dillon, Payroll Administrator Assistant

Billie Jean Giroux, Payroll Administrator Assistant

Judy Chocan, Accounts Payable Clerk

Linette Fox,Accounts Payable Clerk

Ronda Cardinal, Accounts Receivable Clerk/Loans Administrator

Lexine Whitstone, Finance Receptionist


Onion Lake Human Resources
All staff members can be reached at: (306) 344-4200

Misty Jimmy, Director

Alicia Waskewitch, Interim Director

Elizabeth Waskewitch, benefits clerk

Leanne Dillon, Data Clerk

Ruth Chief, File Clerk/PT Bank teller

Crystal Smith, Legal Human Resources
(306)344-4200 ext.2522


Onion Lake Business Development Corporation

Doug Barks, Interm Director
(306) 344-4246

Wilma Dillon-Wolfe, Finance Director

Kurt Cardinal, Askiy Apoy Hauling, Onion Lake Vacuum & Pressure
(306) 344-4246/(780) 875-2257

Darrell Carter, Beretta Pipeline Construction
(780) 875-6522

Dorothy Whitstone, Makaoo Mall Developments
(306) 344-4240

Kyle Dillon, Onion Lake Gas Co-op
(306) 344-2322

Sylvia Carter, Onion Lake Enterprises
(306) 344-4246

Coralie Pahtayken, First Nation Building Supplies


Onion Lake Energy ltd. staff
All staff members can be reached at: (780) 875-7077

Lisa Whitford, Director

Elliott Dillon, Interim Executive Director

Brad Pahtayken, Operations Manager

Kelly Alexan, receptionist

Ashley Crookedneck, finance clerk

Rose Jacques, finance controller


Onion Lake Family Services

Darlene Bodnariuk, executive director
(306) 344-4747 ext. 232

Rhonda Yaskow, financial manager
(306) 344-4747

Tarick Farid, human resources coordinator
(306) 344-4747

Michelle Cadotte, protection supervisor
(306) 344-4747

Nadine Dalheim, prevention supervisor
(306) 344-4747


Onion Lake Health

Albert Jimmy, Health Director
(306) 344-2330

Elaine Carter, Associate Director
(306) 344-2330

Donavan Swindler, Human Resources Officer

Pam Martins, Community Health Programs
(306) 344-2330

Karla Bird, Policy Analyst
(306) 344-2330

Jackie Locke, Maternal Child Health/FASD Program
(306) 344-2330

Glenda Burnouf, School Dental Program
(306) 344-2330

Geraldine Chief, Medical Transportation Program
(306) 344-4410

Muriel Lewis, Home and Community Care/Assisted Living Home
(306) 344-2044

Bernadene Harper, Community Wellness Program
(306) 344-5033

Misty Whitstone, Group Home #1
(306) 344-2378

Gwen Fox, Group Home #2
(306) 344-2478

Sandy Rediron, Onion Lake Ambulance Services
(306) 240-0026

Julie Whitstone, Ekweskeet Treatment Centre manager
(306) 344-2094

Darlene Littlebear, Administration/Finance
(306) 344-2330

Darin Chief, Maintenance Program
(306) 344-2330


Onion Lake Housing
All staff members can be reached at: (306) 344-5420

Terrance Harper, Director

Brenda Pahtayken, Associate Director

Jackie Chocan, Maintenance Supervisor

Tanya Dillon, Executive Assistant

Dallas Lameman, Tenant Relations

Laverna Martell, Finance Clerk

Courtney Harper, Receptionist


Lands Department

Richard Stanley, Land Manager
(306) 344-4200
(639) 536 0204

Terri Quinney, Duty to Consult Coordinator
(306) 344-4200 ext. 2519
(780) 236-8273

Kaley Wahpenahwasis, Environmental Monitor

Tommy Whitstone, Environmental Monitor (On Reserve)


Onion Lake ETC Program

Lydia Lewis, ETC Manager/Atoskasotan

Pat Harwood, Student Mentor

Roberta Chief, Case Worker


Onion Lake Native Justice

Sabrina Waskewitch, Interm Manager
(306) 344-5283

Jolene Carter, Justice Coordinator
(306) 344-5283

Tara Waskewitch, Youth Prevention Worker
(306) 344-5283

John Littlewolfe, Court Worker
(306) 344-5283

Vera Cardinal, Receptionist/Fine Option
(306) 344-5283


Onion Lake Public Works staff
All staff members can be reached at: (306) 344-4642

Matthew Harper, Director

Jessica Dillon, Executive Assistant

Alden Harris, Community Building Supervisor

Sherman Pahtayken, Roads Supervisor

Ivan Dennis Carter, Sanitation Supervisor

Tommy Whitstone, Environmental monitor/ Patrol

Vernon Lewis, Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

Mavis Pahtayken, Dispatch


Social Development
All staff members can be reached at: (780) 847-8166 or (306) 344-4515

Glenda Littlewolfe, Director

Erma Whitstone, Caseworker

Vivian Chief, Caseworker

Amanda Parenteau, Financial Clerk

Marcella Pahtayken, Intake

Inez Heathen, Case Worker

Savannah Harper-Bull, Caseworker

Ruth Lewis, Associate Director


Sports, Culture and Recreation

Fitz Chief, Director
(306) 344-2432

Denise Waskewitch, Recreation Youth Worker
(306) 344-2432

Tamara Belly, Executive Assistant
(306) 344-2432

Tatum Trottier, MYC Coordinator
(306) 344-4737

Clinton Whitstone, Arena Supervisor
(306) 344-4669

Trish Carter, Minor Hockey Coordinator
(306) 344-2432


Treaty Governance

Vernon Lewis, Director of Treaty Governance
(306) 344-5111
(639) 840-3003

Kimberly Carter-Dillon, Administrative Assistant
(306) 344-5111

Clarence Whitstone, Elders Coordinator
(306) 344-5111
(306) 307-4160


Fire Rescue / Peacekeeper
Jackie Quinney, FPR Manager

William Diduck, Team Leader/Fire Chief

Delbert Waskewitch, Deputy Fire Chief

Amber Pahtayken, Admin Assistant


Edmonton Urban House/Office
11232-87th st NW
Florence Loyie
Edmonton Urban Liaison
Office: (780) 760-2040
Cell: (780) 246-7733
Fax: (587) 773-4603


Saskatoon Urban Office
1605 Victoria Avenue
Patricia Atcheynum
Saskatoon Urban Liaison
Office: (306)954-1600
Cell: (306)715-1923
Fax: (306) 975-9156

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